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We are a boutique consulting agency of innovation experts in ICT and Health, offering bespoke services and products to companies and organizations that seek to pivot and add value to their products and services in the digital era. Let us help you to make your products remarkable!


We have the people and the background to improve any product or service in the Health & Pharmaceutical sector combining medical- with ICT-background.

We design demanding B2B and B2C solutions for your needs in any business sector with professional consultants and we cooperate with software integrators to develop your solutions.

We support your strategy, migration and development of consumer and retail infrastructures and processes with experienced consultants and certified software development agencies.


A revolutionary approach specifically for people with chronic diseases or frailty leveraging best-of-breed future Internet technologies (cloud, IoT, BigData) to meet very demanding user needs and giving them back a normal and safe life at home.

ActionableHeatlh360 is a service toolkit product that supports health organizations to become data-driven and make an actionable transform by leveraging and demonstrating Big Data Analytics derived from health organizations and patients.

This team of people has achieved over the past years

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We offer professional services by senior consultants with multidisciplinary skills


We support your strategy, migration and development of Magento eShops and processes with experienced consultants and certified software agencies.

Tailor-made solutions

Web/mobile-solutions & enterprise systems and support your growth through SEO & web-marketing


We actively participate in R&D activities and assist you to excel with edge-technologies

Insights & Analytics

We offer advanced insights & analytics services, transforming content into actionable data

Project management

We apply advanced project management practices for agile development of your solutions

Innovation Management

We facilitate innovation management following Lean Startup practices in several business sectors

M&A services

We offer consulting and support for business planning of your innovative solutions


  • I have worked with this team of consultants several times in the past. Their skills and passion is their trademark in any project they undertake. Accuracy and out-of-the-box thinking characterizes their deliverables. These guys know how to add value in what they do.


Meet the team

Fueled by Passion, thrived by CREATIVITY, that’s the easiest wayto describe our team members. get to know us.

Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Chief Executive Officer

Sofoklis Kyriazakos

ICT expert with a strong entrepreneurial and innovation track record. Holds the academic position of Associate Professor in the University of Aalborg in Denmark. His research activities are in the area of resource management of wireless networks, IoT architectures, M2M communications, eHealth systems and innovation management in the ICT sector.


Alfredo Cesario

Chief Scientific Officer

Alfredo Cesario

He is an active researcher in fields related to Systems and Personalised Medicine and e-Health. Alfredo worked in the European Commission in several biomedicine related domains. Expert in public-public and public-private partnership at the EU level he masters Internationalisation of Research Activities. Currently he serves as Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli Hospital, Rome, Italy.


Hermie Hermens

Hermie Hermens

Masters in biomedical engineering, PhD in surface Electromyography. Professor in Biomedical Engineering, specialized in human motor control since 2010 professor in Telemedicine. Head of the research group of the Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre. Hermie is involved in the creation of innovative health care services by combining biomedical engineering with ICT.


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