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We are an e-Health startup with focus on digital transformation of companies and organizations seeking disruption. We combine medical, ICT and data analysis expertise to improve Health and Pharmaceutical products and services, and to develop personalised healthcare solutions.


We have the people and the background to improve Health & Pharmaceutical products and services combining medical and ICT background.

We design advanced eHealth solutions in the fields of chronic disease management, Big Data analytics and clinical research with professional consultants and software integrators.

We offer Patient-centric services, focusing on wellbeing monitoring by capturing and analyzing their health and lifestyle data.

Product Suite

Healthentia is an eClinical platform that responds to two of the biggest challenges in clinical research: patient retention and data integrity by improving patient experience and communication between stakeholders in the eClinical Market. We capture patient and clinical outcomes from mobile, medical and IoT devices, using a patient-centric app and offer research services to investigators & CROs

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Check out some of our main core services

Insights & Analytics

We offer advanced insights & analytics services, transforming content into actionable data

Project management

We apply advanced project management practices for agile development of your solutions

Data marketplace

We support the secure migration to a cloud marketplace and availability of data for novel revenue streams


Tailor-mate solutions

Web/mobile-solutions & enterprise systems to optimize your processes and support your growth


Innovation Management

We facilitate innovation management following Lean Startup practices in several business sectors


We offer professional services by senior consultants with multidisciplinary skills

Our News

Sprint #2 : Innovation uptake in eHealth with patient-centeredness and gamification. Regulatory challenges and opportunities.

Oct 02, 2018

Scope of the meeting: Brainstorm the status of the regulatory and ethical scenario in the context of eHealth and expose the state of the art of three EU H2020 eHealth projects discussing the process-to-market implications especially at the light of the Regulatory framework in the clinical research and uptake in...

Sprinting in Lifesciences: 10 findings & next steps

Apr 01, 2018

It’s been 2 years since Innovation Sprint is incorporated, aiming to shake the healthcare industry. Our starting point was the multidisciplinary skill-set that was brought by the partners, covering ICT, medical, clinical knowledge and the deep understanding of the needs that the healthcare sector has. Despite our people-centric profile, we...

Meet the team

Fuelled by Passion, driven by CREATIVITY, that’s the easiest way to describe our team members. Find out more about us.

Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Chief Executive Officer

Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Sofoklis Kyriazakos graduated in 1993 a Greek-American school, namely Athens College and obtained his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications in RWTH Aachen, Germany in 1999. Then he moved to the National Technical University of Athens, where he obtained his Ph.D. in Telecommunications in 2003. He also received an MBA degree in Techno-economic systems from the same University.

Sofoklis holds the position of Associate Professor in Aarhus University, where his activities are focused around Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. He has managed, both as technical manager and coordinator, a large number of multi-million ICT projects, both at R&D and industrial level. Sofoklis has published more than 100 publications in international conferences, journals, books and standardization bodies and has more than 400 citations.

In 2006 Sofoklis founded Converge SA, an ICT startup with specialization in software integration. In 2016 after having steered successfully the company from the position of Managing Director, he resigned to co-found Innovation Sprint Sprl and he is currently the CEO of the company. Sofoklis has served as member of Board of Directors several companies in Greece and Canada and has also been a member of the BoD of Athens Information Technology, a Center of Excellence for Research and Education. He is also the Innovation Office of Meet-Magento Association, the largest eCommerce meetup community.


Paolo Morelli

CSO - Head of Clinical Research

Paolo Morelli

Paolo Morelli has a BSc (Hons) Statistics at the University of Padua (ITA) on 1996. He has worked in GSK, later in CROS NT till 2013 when Arithmos Srl has been founded. In the meantime, Paolo is a Contract Professor at Faculty of Statistics in Bologna (ITA).
He is member of BIAS (Italian Association of Statisticians in the pharmaceutical companies), European Federation of Statistician in the Pharmaceutical Industry (ESPI), DIA (Drug Information Association), SSFA (Society for Applied Pharmacological Sciences), OCUG (Oracle Clinical User Group), AFI (Associazione Farmaceutici dell’Industria), PSI (Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry Limited).


Alfredo Cesario


Alfredo Cesario

Alfredo Cesario is the Chief Scientific Officer of Innovation Sprint. He has worked in the European Commission in Brussels and he has been a senior consultant to the Directorate General for Research of the Italian Ministry of Health for international activities. Alfredo is also an Active clinical researcher (H-index=30; > 215 publications; global I.F. > 630); member of the Board of the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (; expert in international research matters (advisor to the Director General for Research of the Italian Ministry of Health (delegate into the General Assembly of the JPI More Years Better Lives, WP leader “Dissemination”, CSA “J‐AGE” in support to the JPI MYBL; WP leader “Stakeholders’ Dialogue Platform”, CSA “PerMed”; member of the FP7 Health Configuration Program Committee; Seconded National Expert in the Directorate General for Research of the European Commission (2005‐09) with duties as desk officer for Directive 20/2001 and liaison officer with DG ENTR – DG SANCO and the EMA. Role: contribution to communication to the EC and discussions on systems medicine and valorisation approaches in the different WPs; liaison with other WPs; assists in Dialogue Platform coordination. Communication and Outreach Officer of EASyM.


Konstantina Kostopoulou

Chief Digital Officer

Konstantina Kostopoulou

Konstantina is a Creative Technologist in nature and a Maker in heart. She joined Innovation Sprint in 2018 as the Chief Digital Officer responsible for the Product Development of iSprint Suite of Products.

She has expertise in UX & UI, Digital Marketing and Online Sales combined with skills in leadership, strategy and creative problem solving.

She has obtained a Masters in Architecture from Glasgow University, UK and a MSc from Columbia University, NY. Worked as an Architect and later as a PM in large project developments. While working, she received an MBA from the National Technical University of Athens in Techno-economics merging her creative background with Digital Technologies and Business Management. Subsequently since 2011 works in the Online space, building Digital Experiences as the Creative and Marketing Director and eCommerce Consultant at Converge ICT Solutions & Services.



Hermie Hermens

CSO - eHealth

Hermie Hermens

Hermie Hermens has a Masters in biomedical engineering and a  PhD in surface Electromyography. He is a Professor in Biomedical Engineering, specialized in human motor control since 2010 professor in Telemedicine. Head of the research group of the Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre. Hermie is involved in the creation of innovative health care services by combining biomedical engineering with ICT.


Konstantinos Tsagkos

Head of R&D

Konstantinos Tsagkos

Konstantinos joined Innovation Sprint in December 2018 as the Head of R&D responsible for the development of new products and improvement of the existing ones by exploiting and integrating new technologies.

He has expertise in Business Management and Internal Processes, combined with experience in E-commerce and Digital Marketing.

He has obtained a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Rural and Surveying Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, a Masters Degree in Real Estate Investment & Finance from Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh and an MBA from University of Piraeus. In 2009 he founded a company offering consulting services in Construction and Insurance sectors, while in 2016 he founded a company offering consulting services in E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Data Analysis.


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