Join our Vision for Real-Life Clinical Research and Care

Innovation Sprint couples experts from the signal processing, machine learning and clinical domains with a competent software development team.

Operations Team

Founder/ CEO

Dr. Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Innovator, technologist and startup entrepreneur with vast experience in designing, developing and managing large-scale ICT projects, at industrial and R&D level.

  • Associate Professor in Aarhus University
  • MBA in Technoeconomics
  • Ph.D in Telecommunications IT Systems (NTUA)
  • MSc Electrical Engineering (RWTH Aachen)
  • Sprinter in business & sports
R&D Director

Dr. Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis

25 years of experience in building systems that observe and understand, employing signal processing, AI, Machine Learning and IoT.

  • Author to 2 books and 100 publications
  • Professor at American College of Greece
  • MSc and Ph.D. in signal processing (Imperial College)
  • BSc in Physics (University of Patras)
Chief Product Officer

Konstantina Kostopoulou

Creative Technologist with experience in UX & UI and digital marketing.

  • MBA in Techno-economics, NTUA
  • MSc AAD from Columbia University, NY
  • MSc in Architecture from Glasgow University, UK and 
Chief Technology Officer

George Labropoulos

Over 30 years of hands-on experience in designing and implementing business applications in multiple sectors with studies both in Greece and Canada.

  • Diploma in Computer Programming & Systems - DeVry Institute of Technology
  • Dpt. of Computer Science - York University
  • Dpt. of Informatics - Athens University of Economics
Software Team Director

Stathis Kanavos

Data Scientist with strong mathematical background and experience in software development.

  • MSc in Computer Science (Hellenic American University, Athens)
  • BSc in Mathematics (University of Athens)
Ioanna Lekosioti
Operations & Quality Manager

Ioanna Lekosioti

Dedicated Operations & Quality Manager, skilled in managing, optimizing, and ensuring the quality of company operations to elevate efficiency.

  • Proven experience in team management, optimizing company operations, and ensuring high-quality standards
  • Master's degree in German Language and Literature, specializing in Linguistics (NKUA)
  • Bachelor's degree in German Language and Literature (NKUA)
Mobile Software Engineer

Spyros Spanos

Software engineer with a background in various technologies and tools.

  • Diploma in electrical engineering and computer science (University of Patras)
Data Protection Officer

Nikos Loukas

More than 25 years of experience in designing, developing, managing, researching, and providing consulting services in the field of data protection, security management, information systems, and communications networks.

  • MSc degree in telecommunications and computer networks
  • Ph.D. degree in the area of broadband mobile communications
Data Science Director

Dr. Panagiotis Mavridis

Experienced Computer and Data Scientist with expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing, and Human-in-the-Loop AI Systems.

  • Post-doc in Data Science (CaptureBias Project, TU Delft, Netherlands)
  • Ph.D. in Computer and Data Science (University of Rennes 1, France)
  • MSc in Human-Centered Computer Science (IMT Atlantique, Brest, France)
  • M.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (NTUA)
Danai Lekka
ML Researcher

Danai Lekka

Junior Researcher, eager to learn about new technologies concerning healthcare.

  • MSc in Biomedical Engineering, chosen pathway: Neurotechnology (Imperial
    College London)
  • Beng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (University of Surrey)
Christos Tasatzis
Software Engineer

Christos Tasatzis

Software Engineer, committed to creating and maintaining high-quality software.

  • BSc - Integrated Masters Computer and Informatics Engineering
    (University of West Attica)
Mobile Software Engineer

Vaggelis Tzironis

Software Engineer with experience in software development and a desire to learn new skills and technologies.

ML Researcher

Nelina Angelova

Bioinformatician with a background in conducting outstanding academic research at prestigious centers in Greece.

  • MSc in Bioinformatics (University of Crete, Heraklion)
  • BSc in Informatics (Ionian University)
Senior Research Engineer

Dr. Alex Vulpe

Researcher and entrepreneur with expertise in Web and IoT

  • Associate Professor at University Politehnika of Bucharest
  • Large experience in research, lecturing, provision of technical expertise, project management and consulting
  • Collaborator and licensee of CloudCare2U

Advisory Team

IT Scientific Advisor

Dr. John Soldatos

Academic with Emphasis on Pervasive and Cloud Computing Technologies and their Convergence (Internet-of-Things, Internet-of-Services).

  • Associate Professor at the Athens Information Technology and
    Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow
  • PhD in Telecommunications (NTUA)
  • Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering (NTUA)
CSO - eHealth

Dr. Hermie Hermens

Biomedical engineer with 40+ years of experience in the R&D sector.

  • Professor in Biomedical Engineering
  • Head of the research group of the Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre
  • Specialized in human motor control since 2010 professor in Telemedicine
  • PhD in surface Electromyography