Project’s Challenge

HumAIne facilitates advanced and reliable collaboration of experts and AI towards hybrid decision making and support in a variety of industries. It delivers the HumAIne Operating System, built on four technological pillars: Active Learning (AL), Neuro-Symbolic Learning, Swarm Learning (SL), and eXplainable AI (XAI). The HumAine OS enables AI solution creators to build advanced Human-AI collaboration systems that outperform standalone AI and individual experts’ efforts.


Our Role

Innovation Sprint leads the project’s efforts on defining the vision and specifications for human-AI collaboration, focusing on user requirements extraction and use case scenarios definition. These efforts lead on the needs to be covered by the technology developed in HumAIne. We also lead the healthcare pilot, where the HumAIne technology will be leveraged to enhance the AI modules in the patient understanding and advice delivery systems of Healthentia.


Project Details


Start: 1/10/2023

End: 1/9/2026

Duration: 36 months