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Innovation Sprint Sprl is a Belgian SME that offers technology solutions to the eHealth and Life Sciences business sectors, focusing on Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence on Real-World Data (RWD). The company’s main product is the eClinical platform Healthentia, a class I medical device. Innovation Sprint has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in IT solutions, data science, eHealth, and clinical research, with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare and a strong research background. 

Innovation Sprint’s main product – Healthentia – is a CE-marked Class I Medical Device that captures clinical outcomes from mobile, medical and IoT devices, using a patient-centric mobile application and offering AI-driven smart services, such as biomarker discovery, patient phenotyping, in silico trials, and virtual coaching. Healthentia is being used in many of our research projects, but also in numerous studies with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. 

Innovation Sprint collaborates with organizations in healthcare, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research organizations. It is associated with professional bodies in healthcare, clinical research, AI, and innovation. 

Innovation Sprint has extensive experience in attracting funding from the European Commission and running the resulting projects in the health and technological challenges. 

Real-World Data & Wearables in eClinical Trials, digital therapeutics  and eHealth 

By combining Real-World Data with clinical outcomes, the Healthentia platform allows for a more representative view of what happens in real life of a patient. The Real-World Data is collected through direct input from the user on the mobile application (e.g., symptoms tracking) or indirectly through integration with wearable devices that monitor physiological (e.g., heart rate) and behavioural (e.g., physical activity) parameters. The RWD enriches the knowledge acquisition on medical conditions in decentralized clinical studies and is used to help the user reaching the most desirable health outcomes in digital therapeutics and eHealth applications. Examples of previous and current projects in this domain: H2020-INFINITECH, H2020-RE-SAMPLE, and IMI2-BEAMER.

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AI Health Analytics, including biomarker discovery and phenotyping 

Innovation Sprint has an ML team working on the collected Real-World Data to understand their meaning and thus drive smart services. We derive ML models for digital biomarkers, to predict patients’ outcomes and offer risk stratification services. We analyse the predictions using explainable AI techniques to understand important factors of patients’ lifestyle leading to these predictions, thus offering the basis of the advice to be used in virtual coaching services. Finally, we perform patients’ phenotyping (clustering and modelling) to be able to drive in silico studies to generate new synthetic data, or enhance existing datasets with synthetic arms. The team also has extensive computer vision and some natural language processing experience. Examples of previous and current projects in this domain: H2020-INFINITECHH2020-COADAPT, and H2020-CovidX. 

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Architecture & infrastructure

In a continuously changing technological environment, Innovation Sprint follows a structured approach to Infrastructure and software architecture to ensure that its systems are designed to support business requirements as well as provide scalable and secure solutions across all applications. In addition to following closely existing technologies, Innovation Sprint eagerly embraces new ones, putting them under close scrutiny in order to evaluate and adapt them if they prove to be of high value. Examples of previous and current projects in this domain: H2020-TERMINETH2020-PHYSICS, and H2020-PANACEA

Innovation Sprint's expertise in this domain can be utilised in any project of the Health Work-Programme.

Virtual coaching

Innovation Sprint is expanding its Healthentia platform by offering several Virtual Coaching related services. Based on a strong monitoring platform collecting Real-World Data, we aim to improve the engagement of our end-users with Healthentia and offer added value to support behavior change by providing lifestyle coaching on several domains, including physical activity, sleep, and diet. Our Virtual Coaching is evidence-based and tailored to the needs and preferences of each user. The core component of the virtual coaching service is an embodied conversational coach – a virtual companion that users can interact with using natural language. We are building our virtual coach on Open-Source technology (the WOOL Platform), and we are always looking for partners that can help improve the intelligence and presentation of our virtual coach. Examples of previous and current projects in this domain: H2020-Council of CoachesH2020-iHELP, and H2020-RE-SAMPLE 

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Innovation management and Business Development

Innovation Sprint, as its name implieshas a strong focus on bringing novelties from R&D to the marketThe company was created as an exploitation outcome of a flagship EU project and since then is aiming to bridge the gap between the silos of R&D and market. We apply a practical innovation management strategy and have already supported several EU projects’ potentials to become solid exploitable ideas, through nurturing, hands-on workshops, and coaching. Innovation Sprint is thus strong partner to facilitate the transition to the commercial arena, a path that we have successfully managed for our main product. Examples of previous and current projects in this domain: H2020-Council of CoachesH2020-COADAPT, and H2020-iHELP 

Innovation Sprint's expertise in this domain can be utilised in any project of the Health Work-Programme.

Our People

These are the people running the R&D activities

Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis

Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis,
PhD, R&D Director 

Expertise: AI Health Analytics
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Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Sofoklis Kyriazakos,
PhD, Founder & CEO

Expertise: Innovation Management & Business Development 
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Hermie Hermens

Hermie Hermens,
Prof. Dr., CSO - eHealth

Expertise: eHealth, Real-World Data 
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Konstantina Kostopoulou

Konstantina Kostopoulou,
Chief Product Officer 

Expertise: Innovation Management & Business Development 

George Labropoulos

George Labropoulos,
Chief Technology Officer 

Expertise: Architecture & Infrastructure 


Tessa Beinema,
Virtual Coaching/ AI Researcher

Expertise: Virtual Coaching
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Danae Lekka

Danai Lekka,
ML Researcher

Expertise: AI, smart services

Panagiotis Trafalis

Panagiotis Trafalis,
Researcher/ Business Intelligence Data Analyst

Expertise: AI, smart services

Anastasia Marangou

Anastasia Marangou,
Communication Manager

Expertise: Dissemination & Exploitation