Project’s Challenge

BEAMER is the latest Innovative Medicines Initiative international consortium to address the emerging challenge of patient adherence to prescribed treatments.

The project will create a generalised model of the significant factors affecting non-adherent behaviour, grounded in behavioural theory. This will allow the project team to define the problem of non-adherence and provide guidance for healthcare stakeholders to develop and implement cost-effective tools and solutions that directly target patient needs, potentially contributing to enhanced patient outcomes and reduced health system costs. Although disease-agnostic,  the model is intended to be tailorable with disease-specific inputs to increase its prediction power and optimise patient support strategies. This degree of flexibility would then enable the model to be widely applicable and responsive to ongoing changes in various populations.

Our Role

Our main role in BEAMER is to provide RWD related to adherence studies in different pathologies. We will identify the necessary data in question, extract the requirements for its collection, provide the data collection infrastructure, organize the collected data into the BEAMER data warehouse and evaluate the solution.

Project Details

Type: H2020-EFPIA-IMI; Start: September 2021; Duration: 60 months