Project’s Challenge

COMFORTAGE is a joint effort of medical experts, social scientists and humanists, technical experts, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and Living Labs (LLs) to establish a pan European framework for Community-based, Integrated and People-Centric prevention, monitoring and progression managing solutions for dementia and frailty.

Through COMFORTAGE, care services providers will be empowered to create and implement personalized, integrated care measures against dementia and frailty, leading to significant improvements in individuals’ well-being and quality of life (QoL). The project also focuses on enhancing stakeholders’ health and digital literacy to reduce health inequalities and promote healthy aging in modern communities.

COMFORTAGE will be validated through thirteen pilot studies across eight EU member states. It combines medical/clinical innovations, cutting-edge AI technologies, DIHs, and social innovations to address various aspects of health and well-being. The project emphasizes the integration and management of different data sources, including biobanks, cohorts, medical records, and real-world data from sensors and wearables, in a standardized structure called Holistic Health Records (HHRs).

A Virtualized AI-Based Healthcare Platform (VHP) will be developed to centralize access to AI resources for risk analysis, early diagnosis, and personalized decision-making. This platform will facilitate collaboration among stakeholders and promote effective strategies for health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment, while minimizing digital literacy inequalities. The VHP will also serve as a key tool for the exploitation and sustainability of the project’s results. COMFORTAGE aims to establish an ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders and viable business models to ensure the project’s long-term impact and wider adoption.

Our Role

Innovation Sprint is a technology provider within the COMFORTAGE project. Our focus lies on enhancing the functionality of Healthentia, our flagship product, with a specific emphasis on data collection, gamification, and virtual coaching. Our involvement includes various tasks across different work packages. In Work Package 4, we translate pilot requirements into precise secondary data collection and virtual coaching specifications. This involves adapting the Healthentia platform to accommodate the project’s secondary data collection needs, allowing for a deeper understanding of patients’ habits and connections, and offer content to the end-users regarding their progress towards healthier habits, through our coach companion. Furthermore, in Work Package 5, we concentrate on developing the gamification features of the Healthentia mobile app. This includes the creation of engaging elements to enhance user experience and encourage active participation. Moreover, we collaborate closely with other partners, to co-develop and host serious games designed to improve motor and cognitive skills. These games enhance the overall experience of the users and promote their skill development. Lastly, we actively contribute to the dissemination and exploitation efforts outlined in Work Package 8, ensuring that the outcomes of our work reach relevant stakeholders and are effectively utilized.

Project Details


Start: January 2024

Duration: 4 years