AZIMUTH collaboration - Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli - Astra Zeneca Italy - Innovation Sprint

Study Description

AZIMUTH model of care is delivered through Healthentia; a Software as a Service (SaaS) medical device via a mobile application for patients and a clinical dashboard for clinicians for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Patient Support Programs (PSP) and Digital Therapeutics (DTx). This innovative scalable model of personalised remote heart failure care is based on good clinical practice standards and international guidelines for heart failure management and has been designed taking into consideration both the optimization of in-hospital care delivery models as well as the often unmonitored out-of-hospital and home settings

The first phase of the study has successfully validated the feasibility, patient acceptance and perceived value of the app-based model of care, demonstrating increased user engagement in patients that leads into improved adherence to treatment.


The care pathway for patients with heart failure includes several steps, from acute phase treatments to chronic phase patient follow-up. This requires a close dialogue between hospital cardiologists and community medicine, especially once the patient returns home, after being discharged from a third-level hospital. But at the moment this complex path is very fragmented
Dr. Domenico D’Amario Senior Cardiologist at the Gemelli IRCCS Polyclinic Foundation

Study Design & Methods

Heart failure is the leading cause of death and hospitalisation in patients aged > 65 years and a major and growing medical and economic burden, with high prevalence and incidence rates worldwide. The recent pandemic crisis has made even more evident, some critical aspects in the management of complex chronic diseases, such as heart failure, and these could be exacerbated by the increased demand for care in the future. Therefore, a significant effort must be made to align services with patients' care needs by identifying a shared model that can exploit the most advanced technologies to enhance disease deterioration, provide adequate integration between hospital and territorial services, increase appropriateness, and reduce waiting times for specialist services.

Study Details

Type: Interventional

Disease: Heart Failure - Chronic Ischemic Disease

Site: Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli

Start: Phase 1: Nov-March 2021, Phase 2: Jul-Jan 2023

Population: 300 patients

Duration: Multiphase project

Validated the feasibility, patient acceptance and perceived value of remote patient monitoring

Demonstrating increased user engagement in patients that leads into improved adherence to treatment