H2020 European Funded Project

The vision of TERMINET is to provide a novel next generation reference architecture based on cutting-edge technologies such as SDN, multiple-access edge computing, and virtualisation for next generation IoT, while introducing new, intelligent IoT devices for low-latency, market-oriented use cases and validation scenarios.

Use Case1: User-Centric Devices in Smart Farming

Use Case 2: Pathway of Personalised Healthcare

Use Case 3: Smart, Sustainable and Efficient Buildings

Our Role

Innovation Sprint's role is to utilize Healthentia to collect patient data from four departments of Policlinico Gemelli ie. pathology, radiation oncology, and radiology departments, collaborating with them on running the Use case 2: Pathway of Personalised health care. To do so, we are involved in use case demonstration scenarios, requirements collection, and TERMINET’s reference architecture. We will exploit pervasive sensing devices to collect healthcare related data from wearable devices (e.g., ECG sensor, blood pressure sensor, wristbands etc.) worn on human bodies, as well as medical history data based on legacy and modern medical devices inside the hospital.

We are integrating and testing the system, to run a pilot and evaluate its results. Finally, we are involved in the dissemination, market analysis, and exploitation activities of the project.

Project Details

Website: https://terminet-h2020.eu/ 

Type: H2020; Start: November 2020; Duration: 36 months

Consortium Partners