H2020 European Funded Project

iHelp delivers a novel personalised-healthcare framework. Enables the collection, integration, and management of health-related data from various sources (medical records, lifestyle, behaviours, social media interactions). The data is analysed using advance AI techniques to draw adaptive learning models that are used to provide decision support in the form of early risk predictions as well as personalised prevention & intervention measures (alerts, behavioural nudges, consultations medications, therapies, screening etc.) that are delivered through user-centric mobile and wearable applications.

Our Role

Innovation Sprint is a technology provider in iHelp. Our contribution is based around Healthentia, aiming at improving the data collection, gamification, and virtual coaching aspects of our flagship product. More specifically, we translate the pilot needs into data collection and virtual coaching requirements in Work Package 2. We modify the Healthentia platform to support the secondary (behavioral) data collection needs of the project to understand patients' habits and connections in Work Package 3. We build gamification and virtual coaching aspects of our Healthentia mobile app in Work Package 5, turning it into the patients' companion app for the pilots, We monitor data collection throughout the pilots in Work Package 6 and participate in the evaluation of the iHelp solution in Work Package 7. Finally, we lead the dissemination and exploitation of Work Package 8.

Project Details

Website: www.ihelp-project.eu

Type: RIA/H2020; Start: January 2021; Duration: 36 months

Determine key risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer

Develop predictive models for identified risks

Develop adaptive models for targeted prevention and intervention measures

Consortium Partners