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Healthentia is an eClinical platform that responds to two of the biggest challenges in clinical research: patient retention and data integrity by improving patient experience and communication between stakeholders in the eClinical Market and empowering patient makers to innovate.

Innovation Sprint partners with Arithmos, to deliver Clinical Research as a Service to Sponsors and change the rules of the game by placing patients in the center. Our product increases data integrity by enabling fusion of clinical and IoT data and patient retention by enhancing patient motivation with tools and rich insights to monitor, communicate and improve their health, with a gamified return for their contribution.


  • Enhanced patient motivation and retention, giving rich insights and a gamified return on their loyalty

  • Reduced Cost & time of the study by

    a) eliminating inefficiencies and wasted resources of the current state of clinical trials;

    b) minimizing drop-outs by enhancing patient retention

    c) Using eRecruitment for a more efficient enrolment of patients; 

  • Enriched Quality of Clinical trials with Richer datasets for future exploitation

  • Accuracy in data collection and reduced Patients risks with real-time monitor 


  • Pharma/Biotech

  • Healthcare providers

  • MedTech companies involved in drug or device development