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Healthentia is a Medical Device Class I


ref. BE/CA01/1-72378

Read more about medical modules and device functionalities that are covered under the CE mark.

Upcoming version: Healthentia v4 is expected to be launched in 2023. Intended purpose and medical device characteristics will be provided once v4 is released.

HEALTHENTIA is a medical decision support software developed by INNOVATION SPRINT and intended to monitor, offer virtual coaching services and generate automatic alerts regarding events, based on Real World Data.

Ιntended Use: The intended use of the device is: Software intended for monitoring of non-vital parameters to support decision making and virtual coaching of patients during clinical trials or under a medical or wellbeing treatment context.

User: Principal Investigators (PI) of clinical studies and their patients, as well as patients using it as a medical or wellbeing device.

Patient: Patients taking part of clinical investigation, or those using it as a medical or wellbeing device.

Environment: Clinical trials or under a medical or wellbeing treatment context.

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More information about the medical device is available here:


An Integrated Solution

Healthentia App can be customized for different therapeutics and studies. It serves as a Companion app collecting data following a care pathway, supporting & coaching the patient.

A companion App

Equips patients to be agents of their own health outcomes and well-being

Clinical Dashboard

Enable hospitals to lower preventable readmissions and complications & improve quality of care and patient satisfaction

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