A Belgian SME company founded in 2016 from a diverse team of technology enthusiasts, clinicians, statisticians, and eHealth experts


We have more than 20 years expertise in eHealth applications and vast experience in the Life Sciences. We provide solutions to the eHealth and Life Sciences sectors, focusing on Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence on Real World Data.

In Innovation Sprint, we combine experts from clinical, ICT, signal processing and machine learning, to improve clinical and healthcare processes, and to develop personalized healthcare solutions.

Our product Healthentia is a novel solution that responds to the main challenges of clinical research and MedTech, to enable decentralized clinical trials and offer advanced remote patient monitoring services and digital therapeutics.



Our purpose is to revolutionize decentralized clinical trials and offer digital clinical pathways to improve health, thus boosting digital transformation in life sciences and healthcare industries through our medical device Healthentia.
We are implementing a vision to give access to any person at any place to clinical trials and digital healthcare services to improve health and wellbeing.

Core Values

The core values of Innovation Sprint are structured around 4 pillars that reflect our Purpose (Building a better world), our DNA (We are sprinters), our Personalities (Integrity) and our dedication to the Team (People at the core).

We are building a better world.

We use edge technologies, and we carry out innovative research to push the boundaries of MedTech and life sciences. Our approach underscores the importance of active living, and our solution contributes to many of the UN sustainability goals.

We are sprinters.

We are goal-oriented and follow agile processes in our development, to ensure that our solution is pioneering and can be adjusted to the needs of our customers, while meeting high-quality standards. We have a growth-mindset and as we are a learning organization, we don’t have the fear of failure.

We embrace integrity.

We respect our colleagues, our customers and everyone who can be the beneficiary of our work. Accountability, loyalty, and commitment characterize our work and we always aim for the highest levels of reliability based on our accuracy and transparency.

We put people at the core.

We care about people, and we always put them at the core, especially when it comes to chronic disease patients - the end user of our solution. Our team is characterized by empathy and mutual respect, while we promote equality in all aspects. Teamwork is the basic ingredient of our culture, and we are passionate for what we do.


500+ peer-reviewed papers

35.000+ research citations

 h-index 16..64


Raised >4Min R&D projects

  • IoT Network Security
  • AI-based Virtual Coaching
  • Health Analytics
  • Data Security

Strategic Partnerships

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