R&D Projects

Our Story

Innovation Sprint has initially linked its R&D activities with the EC flagship project eWALL, coordinated by Sofoklis Kyriazakos. The project has developed a cloud eHealth / eCare platform for patients with chronic diseases and assigned Innovation Sprint as exploitation partner, at the time of its incorporation. Innovation Sprint created a new product based on eWALL, namely CloudCare2U that helped the company to conduct research and attract attention, which resulted in the participation of several H2020 projects.

Later on, Innovation Sprint has entered the Life Sciences industry, by partnering with a clinical group and identified the niche eClinical market. This resulted in the launch of a new product in the beginning of 2018, namely Healthentia. Since that time, the company has decided to continue its research activities using both products.

The R&D activities of Innovation Sprint Sprl are focused around the 2 products of the company, namely Healthentia eClinical solution and CloudCare2U eHealth/eCare platform.

Our scope is to conduct research to develop novel features for our products, such as:

  • AI & ML algorithms for intelligent decision support
  • Real-World Data collection and management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data health analytics.


We believe we can add value to a consortium and a Project's Objectives due to the following

  • > 25 years of experience in running and coordinating  EU projects
  • Innovation Sprint is a European SME successfully spined-off from an EU project
  • 2 Product Platform offering for pilots
  • strong collaborations with Hospitals in Europe
  • Expertise in designing Use Cases and pilots
  • Access to patients and patient communities

If you are interested in collaborating in a Research Project have at our Current Research Projects or contact us