vCARE project

H2020 European Funded Project

Project's Challenge

The vCare project aims to provide a smart solution grounded on an intelligent ICT environment, which is highly adapted to personalised coaching activities in accordance with the clinical pathway of the patients and the context information. Starting from a clinical baseline, the Virtual Coach will be able to personalize and adapt goals according to the progress achieved in the impairments or disabilities recovery.

Our Role

Innovation Sprint is supporting the operations of designing the v-CARE platform, integrating the proprietary CloudCare2U (CC2U) platform and will have active participation in the exploitation, as a solution provider and a Use case leader.

Project Details


Type: EC/H2020/PM-15; Start: 1st September 2017;

Duration: 48 months

Personalized Rehabilitation

We aim to provide a small coaching solution

Better Continuity of Care

from the professional treatment into the home environment

Better Quality of Life

A Virtual Coach based on personalized care pathway


vCare aims for:

 A semantic layer enabling technologies such as reasoning, machine learning, behavioral models and predictive analytics
 Coaching activities based on the underlying care pathway system
 Continuous personalization regarding the cognitive, physical and social conditions
 Seamless Context integration and non-obtrusiveness
 Integration of home-environment via open IoT-platforms like FIWARE and UniversAAL

Consortium Partners

casa di cura
austrian institute of technology
universitatea de medicina
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