Project's Challenge

Innovation Sprint has been awarded an R&D project from Innoviris that will contribute to the company's strategy on disrupting the eClinical domain with technology innovation. The "Deep Learning of Patients" is an ambitious initiative that will be a paradigm shift for processing of patient-centred “Real World Data”. Today, various patient wellbeing dimensions can be satisfactorily met, using merely a multidimensional data collection approach. Discovery of biomarkers is a continuous activity of the research community in the clinical domain that recently shifted its focus towards digital, non-traditional biomarkers that often use activity, lifestyle, environmental and social data to derive an intermediate biomarker. The auto-discovery of such biomarkers is possible with the use of Artifical Intelligence (AI) mechanics, while these can be tested against their prediction capabilities on clinical endpoints. The validation of composite or intermediate biomarkers of that type, can also be used for intelligent eHealth or Digital Therapeutic (DTx) services.


In the Healthentia case, further to the currently supported features of our product, i.e. collecting data from patients, the wealth of information collected can be used in real-time to create patients’ phenotypes based on discovered digital biomarkers and by means of AI algorithms, provide useful insights for clinical endpoints. In this way, we can create lifestyle phenotype models and we can characterize patients' behaviors thus unfolding the potential of RWD for intelligent services. In the context of clinical trials, we can associate them with intervention efficacy, while in the context of DTx we can coach them into phenotypes with more favorable outcomes

Project's Details

Type: Co-financed R&D (45%) Start: 1st March 2020; Duration: 18 months

Auto-discovery of biomarkers with the use of Artifical Intelligence (AI) mechanics

Novel digital biomarkers can be used for intelligent eHealth or Digital Therapeutic (DTx) services