COVID-X Programme is a European innovation initiative offering access to funding and to a tailored acceleration programme for start-ups and companies. The objective is to boost the market uptake of AI and data solutions to defeat COVID-19 and to save lives. It is supported by the European Commission as part of the response plan to defeat COVID-19 through the power of data.

Healthentia Care4Covid solution is a remote care and remote support solution that aims to boost the business continuity and operational efficiency of healthcare organizations as well.

Our Role

Innovation Sprint participates in the COVID-X Programme with the solution that was initially developed in March 2020, following the pandemic outbreak and it was developed as a pivot of the Healthentia eClinical platform.

Through the COVID-X sandbox and the accumulated knowledge of the clinical partners available will be developed a new version of solution, namely Healthentia Care4Covid.

The problems that Healthentia focuses on through its use concern either preventive actions, clustering patients and healthy individuals in risk categories, or remote monitoring and support of patients, or perform workflows and clinical routes in positive cases of Covid-19, or business continuity in large organizations and monitoring of the vaccination program.

Project Details

Website: www.covid-x.eu

Type: H2020; Start: April 2021; Duration: 9 months