H2020 European Funded Project

PHYSICS aims at delivering a complete vertical solution that will enable CSPs to offer advanced cloud application design environments to their main end customers, platform-level functionalities to be easily incorporated by providers, and provider-local resource management mechanisms.

Our Role

We are leading the eHealth UC providing Healthentia platform as well as accompanying algorithms for data analysis. We are also participating in the requirements elicitation and architecture specifications. Finally, we are supporting Work Package 7, which is about the Dissemination and Exploitation part as well as awareness of the project.

Project Details

Website: www.physics-faas.eu

Type: RIA/H2020; Start: January 2021; Duration: 36 months

Semantic descriptions for FaaS enabled Cloud services and Applications

Flow programming approaches and cloud design patterns for FaaS applications:

FaaS and Cloud Workflows distribution, functional incorporation, and runtime management

Consortium Partners