CloudCare2U is an assistive coaching solution that gives back a normal life to chronic disease patients. The product is designed by experts in the area of independent and active ageing living and leverages best-of-breed of future internet technologies (cloud, IoT, BigData). CloudCare2U is based on the open source of a readily available technology platform of the EC flagship project eWALL that has shown remarkable achievements in the treatment of patients suffering from MCI, COPD and frailty conditions. CloudCare2U is an affordable solution that is easy to install and is non-obtrusive. Based on its modular and scalable structure, CloudCare2U can be personalized to address demanding needs.


Product Description

CloudCare2U is a cloud platform that can be operated both in SaaS and PaaS mode and provides advanced services & applications to users in their home environment, thus transforming them into Home Caring Environments. CloudCare2U is based on the open-source code of eWALL.

Track record

CloudCare2U is based on the eWALL open-source code. eWALL is a successful EC-funded project that delivered more than 50 installations in subjects -COPD/MCI patients and seniors with frailty conditions. The subjects provided feedback following a validation framework applied in the project and indicated the technical efficacy of eWALL, as well as the increase of the QoL. 

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