Personalized remote
Health Care Services

CloudCare2U is a product of Innovation Sprint, based on the outcome of the successful EC-funded project eWALL that has shown remarkable achievements in the treatment of patients suffering from MCI, COPD and frailty conditions. CloudCare2U is a vertical activity in Innovation Sprint which is managed by a number of skilled professionals that aim to shake the eHealth industry.


Cloud Care 2 U

An assisted Living Environment

CloudCare2U is a cloud-based platform and a sensing network environment delivering Personalized Health Care Services through advanced interaction with patients with chronic diseases and frailty conditions. It securely connects and transforms patients and elderlies’ homes into smart assisted living environments.


  • Prolongation of independent living
  • Support patients with COPD, MCI and frailty conditions
  • Increased quality of life
  • Cost savings for NHS, insurance companies
Experience & Expertise

Health Service Apps

Data are collected through a Home sensing environment and other connected health digital devices and with the use of AI and reasoners healthcare providers and caregivers can create Proactive Management and other Health Service Apps like:

CloudCare2U services

A patient validated solution

The CloudCare2U product has already been validated in terms of user acceptance, desirability and safety through user participation with the De Chant Framework. The CloudCcare2Uu applications and interfaces are addressing the user in a casual, familiar way with the main screen metaphor implementing a smart living room that allows the user to interact with meaningful representations of applications following Skeuomorphism design principles e.g. “Touch the My Activity book, from the bookshelf”

This approach was a result of design iterations with user participation in order to enhance the user experience, thus achieving a significantly higher impact in this market segment.