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Study Description

POWER  is a multicenter non-interventional study to evaluate the physical activity, bleeding incidence and Health-related Quality of Life in patients with Haemophilia A without inhibitors receiving the standard of care treatment. the above outcomes will be collected through a Fitbit tracking device and Healthentia ePRO, customized for the purposes of the Study. This study is in partnership with a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Cros NT and an eCRF technology provider Arithmos Life Sciences for a Top5 Pharma.

Study Details

Type: Non-interventional

Disease: Haemophilia A

Sites: 20 sites in Italy

Start: January 2020

Population: 150 patients

Duration: 12 months

Study Design & Methods

Patients will receive a Fitbit device (i.e monitoring bracelet) that will collect at a daily basis Real-World Data like activity (i.e. steps per day), sleep, and vital signs. The device will be delivered during the recruitment, a Fitbit account will be opened and the Application  The collected data are then transferred to the patient’s paired device through the Healthentia application downloaded on their smartphone.

During the whole observation period, patients will report through dedicated questionnaires sent to the Power App their wellbeing status in scheduled timings or ad hoc reporting of bleeding or adverse events. A quarterly EQ 5D5L questionnaire is assessing the quality of life and monthly a VAS scale is assessing pain intensity. Absences from school/work and hospitalizations. Bleeding events, treatment adherence and doses and frequency of concomitant medicines are reported monthly.

Document physical activity, (active minutes, steps count and MET) by age categories (12-17, 18-30 and 31-50 years) in patients with haemophilia A without inhibitors

Evaluate the relationship between physical activity (type and intensity) and bleedings

Profile Haemophiliac patients of different categories active vs. sedentary and severe vs. moderate in terms of dif aspects

Collect information on incidence and severity of adverse events (AEs)