The year that is about to end has been very constructive for Innovation Sprint. Looking back to the 2018 year highlights, our achievements are grouped into those related to continuous and targeted R&D activities, and those related to the development of our commercial product suite.

CloudCare2U and ActionableHealth360

cloudcare2u actionable health 360

In a nutshell, in year 2018 we have transformed our initial products (CloudCare2U and ActionableHealth360) into an R&D sandbox. We developed also, a new product suite (Healthentia) that uses mature practices and concepts from R&D that can be commercialized in the highly regulated environment of healthcare and life sciences that we are active.


As an outcome of this transformation, we have reduced our service offering and became a product-oriented company. iSPRINT aims to adapt to the growth needs. This transformation and all related activities have been achieved thanks to our team that has grown with more people and skill sets.

Plan of transformation

Let’s see briefly the path towards this transformation. Since our start, we have been exploiting the ambitious outcome of eWALL platform under our product CloudCare2U.

ewall platform

The platform is targeting populations seeking a behavioral change. Populations such as the Active Ageing & Silver Economy societies and any patients groups with chronic diseases that can benefit from CloudCare2U . They can benefit by increasing their independent living, their Quality of Life, while minimizing disease related risks. CloudCare2U has based upon a solid study of 50 patients. Patients have been located in 4 European countries that have proven its usability and efficacy based on scientifically and clinically accepted protocols.

The strongest point of CloudCare2U is its technological excellence. At the same time, this is also its barrier to entry to the market. Advanced features, such as coaching, audio-visual analysis and many more, encounter challenges that derive from their interaction with the ethical and regulatory framework of the healthcare and life sciences industry. This is one of the most regulated in the world together with aerospace, aviation and automotive industries. This however, did not create any fear and Instead of making steps back and compromising technology with outcomes, we decided this year to go more aggressively. We worked with the development of additional features, such as AI-reasoning, Big Data Analytics, integration of advanced IoT devices and robots and many more.

CloudCare2U and ActionableHealth360 became our official “R&D sandbox” this year, in which we integrate and validate new features that extend the state of the art. For this purpose, we have issued perpetual R&D licenses to CloudCare2U collaborators. We have also signed collaboration agreements and MoUs with key stakeholders. Our aim was to develop further our platform.

R&D projects

In 2018, Innovation Sprint continued its involvement from 2017 in two R&D projects. These projects were on AI-based virtual coaching. The first one focuses on embodied conversational agents in a virtual council  (Council of Coaches). The second one, on rehabilitation based on clinical pathways for certain diseases (vCare).

In January 2018, we started the SecureIoT project. An EC project with strong industrial flavor, targeting the challenges of IoT security with AI in the form of Security as a Service paradigm that will be validated in a pilot involving CloudCare2U integrated with QT robot of our partner LuxAI.

At the end of year, we started another research initiative for Co-Adaptive Environments for Resilient Ageing citizens, who face particular difficulties in maintaining an active work and life-style (CO-ADAPT). Our role is the development of a key platform component that collects Real World Data and based on machine learning algorithms it supports the services of the CO-ADAPT platform.

Further to these projects, we have been awarded 2 more research grants that will start in 2019 (PANACEA and ExACT). The one deals with platform security and the other one with Systems Medicine. All R&D projects are obviously very relevant to our products CloudCare2U and ActionableHealth360, while they are obviously linked with Healthentia product suite.

Our human resources

Nothing of the above could happen without what people call “human resources”. In Innovation Sprint we don’t like to use this term, as we are not looking for resources, but for talented people with excellence and self-development prospects. Our team has grown and it is expected to further grow in the beginning of 2019.

The R&D portfolio is coordinated by Kostas, our R&D director who has a vast PM experience and skills and has the challenge to connect the silos of R&D and commercial product of the company.

Healthentia in details


Further to the R&D activities, the year 2108 has been characterized by our product development activities, under which we have introduced the Healthentia suite to the market.

Healthentia has 3 products targeting:

  • Life Sciences
  • Data Services 
  • Silver Economy

Healthentia include top novelties coming from our R&D sandbox that can be consumed in the real market. In 2018 we have sprinted to deliver the product branding, our business plan and of course the software itself.

We have already been awarded a project, in which Healthentia will be used. Healthentia will demonstrate as an ePRO in a clinical trial from a Top-5 pharmaceutical, while we have a pipeline with more opportunities that we expect to be materialized in the beginning of 2019. These have been achieved through a strong synergy with Arithmos Srl, linked with Innovation Sprint through our partner PMH, who is a promoter of Healthentia.

Last words

Breaking the entry barriers and entering the life science market was a key milestone for Innovation Sprint. The company targets its revenues from commercial products to be multiple times the ones from R&D activities. In 2018 we have started contacts with organizations and people from the other side of the Atlantic. Soon, we are aiming for creation of business opportunities in US and Canada.

The Healthentia portfolio is managed by myself and my partners (Alfredo, Hermie, Paolo), together with Konstantina. Konstantina joined us as a Chief Digital Officer in the company and is in charge of the Healthentia product development. In addition, Aimilia has recently joined as a Data Science director involved in Healthentia. Our research & development team includes Akis, Razvan, Alex and several collaborators.

For 2019, we have lots of plans and foremost to finalize the internal transformation & pivoting to become a product-oriented company that can shake the Life Sciences and Healthcare markets. In the path towards this goal, we have planned an ambitious product roadmap, integrating new features, optimizing our process to meet high standards, as well as to be more extrovert at international level. Our strategy for 2019 will drive the strengthening of sales activities, the development of further synergies and the efficient execution of our plans. Our team will continue to grow with talented people and partners that will be eager sprinting a marathon in the Innovation Sprint family.

Warm wishes for a Happy & Prosperous 2019, with Health, Happiness and Success!