The 4th of the February is the international day against cancer. This day is dedicated to all patients who lost their lives from the global disease, to those who fight it with bravery and to those who won the battle and want to help others with their strength, too.

Innovation Sprint with #Healthentia, is committed to help in the global movement against this disease. Our team collaborate and cosponsor clinical trials this year with Fondazione Policlinico Agostino Gemelli IRCCS in Rome, Italy.

The Fondazione’s mission, being a Policlinico Universitario with Catholic inspirations, is to offer patients humanity, excellent & highly specialized treatments. The FPG-IRCCS promotes continuous medical innovation and trains future medical professionals.

Fondazione Policlinico Agostino Gemelli IRCCS is a very large Cancer Center with 50k patients’ treated per year. Several clinical studies take place which relate to cancer treatment. The Fondazione is the place where scientific and technical skills, human sensitivity, Catholic ethics and values become a genuine commitment at the service of everyone, in order to guarantee excellent and affordable treatments to the entire community.

The Policlinico Gemelli and the School of Medicine are placed at the heart of the health system. They develop and spread a national and international reference model regarding the management, organization, technology and humanization of the medical field.


Our Collaboration and Cosponsor

With the eClinical Solution of Healthentia and the great experience of the FPG-IRCCS doctors and personnel, a great clinical trial will take place. We will focus on measuring Real World Data and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs-PREMs) during cancer treatment. The treatment impairs significantly the quality of life of patients. Subjects’ lifestyle understanding and modelling, is pivotal for us in an effort to ameliorate health status, compliance to the treatment.

We hope one day to win the battle with cancer. We strongly believe that with innovative work and latest AI technologies it is possible.