Innovation Sprint is one of the partners of the Vcare H2020 project. vCare stands for Virtual Coaching activities for rehabilitation in elderly. Project aims at an improved rehabilitation for people as they age. Having experience in the CloudCare2U Project, Innovation Sprint’s team was very enthousiast about company’s partnership in vCare. This European project aims to provide a smart coaching solution grounded on personalized care pathways of patients who have a disability caused by an acute episode or a chronical disease. Our team will contribute to designed personalised rehabilitation programmes with a 3rd party platform. This platform will integrate with the project’s vCare as a Service solution.

vCare Project

It is a matter of fact that one out of six people in the European Union has a disability. This disability usually is a cause from an acute episode or a chronic disease. A suitable rehabilitation, is essential for these patients. A stable and smart rehabilitation ensures them an independent life and enhance their life quality. However, the continuity of care is interrupted in the transition from the hospital to the home.

Virtual Coaches can help these patients to proceed with a personalized rehabilitation. A rehabilitation that complies to age-related conditions and as a key technology for empowering patients through the enhancement of the adherence to the care plan and the risk prevention.

The vCare project wills to provide a smart solution grounded on an intelligent ICT environment. This ICT environment, is highly adapted to personalised coaching activities in accordance with the clinical pathway of the patients and the context information. Starting from a clinical baseline, the Virtual Coach will have the ability to personalize and adapt goals. Goals according to the progress achieved in the impairments or disabilities recovery.



vCare designs personalised rehabilitation programmes analyzing the given physical data and health condition that will lead to better continuity of care and a better quality of life for patients who use an advanced virtual coaching system. The coach is based on patients’ personalised care pathways. It engages with patients so that they meet their individual care plans. This encourages compliance with the patients’ rehabilitation programmes and secures the rehabilitation’s progress.

Our Role

Our role in more detail in this project is to integrate CloudCare2U via the vCare-as-a-Service API of vCare architecture, thus showcasing the expansion possibilities of vCare to support 3rd party eHealth platforms with rehabilitation services, or complementing its services from solutions, like CloudCare2U.

In addition, Innovation Sprint has already started supporting the Innovation Management, IPR and exploitation activities, leveraging on the experience gained as exploitation partner of the eWALL project.