During the COVID-19 period, there was a readjustment in the majority of businesses’ workplaces due to the need to protect their employees. Innovation Sprint followed also that path and some of our partners share their thoughts about the #workingfromhome situation in view of responding to a Twitter post. Below you can see what each of them answered.


@Sofoklis Kyriazakos (CEO): The obvious benefit of #workingfromhome is #businessContinuity. People think that tech businesses are privileged; indeed they are, but the company should be able to ensure security for teleworking, especially when dealing with access to servers, source code, etc.

@Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis (R&D Director): #workingfromhome in IT is perfect for managing situations like #Covid_19. But is it good in normal situations? Yes, it is easier, cheaper, and environmentally friendlier, but face-to-face leads to better #teamwork in almost all cases. So we should adapt it with caution.

@Konstantina Kostopoulou (CPO): Well I do like to see your face across from mine 😊 so I will argue that a mixed model suits me best. I have missed the interactions between the whole team though and designing UX features for #healthentia through #slack can be daunting 😅

@Alfredo Cesario (CSO-Medical): As an MD I can not say the obvious, that #workingathome can pose serious challenges to the delivery of care to citizens. However, #Healthentia is proving super-useful as a tool to implement safe healthcare operations, by smartly monitoring patients and operators.

@George Matikas (Software Engineer): From a Software Engineer’s point of view #workingathome doesn’t change much on your daily working routine; all you need is a laptop and your brain. The biggest challenge is keeping contact with your team since brainstorming during a meeting is how ideas come in life

@Akis Idrizi (Software Engineer): Adapting to #workingfromhome was a very easy transition and most of the time created a focus mindset for the daily challenges. Although, it has a social drawback for teams; where sharing thoughts and ideas are limited to scheduled calls.

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