The pressure on healthcare keeps on rising and has led to big innovative leaps in the development of smart devices and artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector. Innovation Sprint is proud to participate as one of the supporting members of the SAIRE project, which focuses on applying smart device- and AI technology in rehabilitation practice.

The SAIRE project is a joint effort of Erasmus University College Brussels, Odisee, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel in collaboration with a number of supporting companies, among which Innovation Sprint.

Concretely, the project focuses on answering the following research questions:

Which user-friendly, mobile, widely applicable low-cost smart devices can we use to support patients in a rehabilitation setting?

How can we use (combinations of) existing technologies, taking into account the needs, requirements and wishes of both the care user and the care provider?

Can we use Artificial Intelligence to register and analyze the movements that the care recipient performs when using the smart devices in a way that is accurate enough to provide immediate feedback and thus automatically adjust the therapy?

The SAIRE project started with a kick-off meeting held on March 23, 2021, and the project duration is 2 years. You can learn more about the project by visiting the website: