Tessa Beinema Avraam Liaoutsis Anastasia Marangou
Innovation Sprint is pleased to welcome the new team members, Tessa, Anastasios – Avraam & Anastasia!
They are truly a great asset to our company and we are proud to have them on board!
Let’s get to know them better…


Tessa Beinema

Hi, my name is Tessa Beinema and I joined the Innovation Sprint Team at the end of March.
I have a background in Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), and during my master’s, I chose the specialization in Web and Language Interaction. I’ve always been interested in how we can personalize the interaction between users and applications, especially in a health context. Often, this involves designing content and its structure and introducing some intelligence to adapt that content, while continuously keeping in mind how the user will interact with it. For example, during my master thesis and internship, I investigated how the results in a search engine interface could be adapted and presented so that people with a vision impairment that used screen readers might have a better overview.
After completing my master’s, in 2017, I joined the eHealth group at Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) as a Junior Researcher, which was combined with being an external Ph.D. Candidate at the Biomedical Signals and Systems group of the University of Twente (UT). There I did most of my research within the Council of Coaches project, which resulted in a Ph.D. thesis on “tailoring coaching conversations with virtual health coaches”. For example, I investigated how we could author dialogues together with domain experts, structure the dialogue content and make decisions about what should be discussed next with the user (i.e., given collected data, previous interactions, the coaching plan, this specific user, etc.). In that project, I also got to know Innovation Sprint as one of our project partners, and Harm and Miriam as my colleagues at RRD.
At Innovation Sprint I’ll be working on the intelligent personalized coaching in Healthentia, leveraging my knowledge of virtual coaching, conversational agents, health, and intelligent technology. To start this involves work for iHelp and RE-SAMPLE. In parallel, I also work as a researcher on virtual assistants for eHealth at the UT’s Human-Media Interaction group and am involved in the UT’s Personalised eHealth Technology program, in this manner strengthening collaborations with academia.


Avraam-Anastasios LiaoutsisHello, my name is Avraam – Anastasios Liaoutsis and I joined the Innovation Sprint Team in April 2022. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where I still live today. Usually, in my free time, I like to exercise and go for a walk, especially at night.
Ι studied Computer Science at the University of Piraeus and Ι got my degree 4 years ago. After graduation, I enlisted in the military and was away from software technologies for 8 months.
For this reason, to renew my knowledge in programming technologies, I decided to enroll in the Coding Bootcamp of Afdemp, in which I also received a scholarship.
After finishing the Bootcamp, I also enrolled in the Project Future program by Piraeus Bank, where I was able to learn more about software production technologies. Then I worked for a software company for two years. All this time, I had the opportunity to work on various projects from scratch, as a result of which I exposed myself to various web technologies, from back-end and front-end. Some of these web technologies are Html, CSS, JS, TS, Jquery, Angular 2, C#, .NET Core, and SqlServer.
Now, how did I decide to join Innovation Sprint? Well, I wanted to be part of a company, which would not only have an interesting work environment but would also have a very innovative product, which would not be anything better, as it is related to health. Apart from my love of programming, I could not think of a better combination to pursue professionally, especially if the software product is related to the health sector. So here I am!
To conclude, I expect to contribute a lot and be a significant addition to the Innovation Sprint team by improving existing healthcare solutions or even creating new ones, in order for these solutions to meet the needs of the people.

Anastasia Marangou

Hey everyone!
My name is Anastasia Marangou and I joined Innovation Sprint in April 2022, as an Operations Manager! This was a big change in my career since I had to relocate to Athens after 8 years in Crete.
Even though I studied Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business and lived here for about 4,5 years, when I graduated, I decided to return to my birthplace, Crete, and start my working life there.
I worked as a Project Manager at the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as a Procurement Manager at a Greek importing company, and as a Special Advisor at the Region of Crete. However, I decided to apply for the Operations Manager role at Innovation Sprint since working in such an environment is a big challenge for me. E-health is one of the most fast-growing industries and the product, Healthentia app, is undoubtedly a super modern project.
Regarding my new role, as I am professionally qualified with a Master of Business Administration, I am experienced in combining services aimed toward optimizing a company’s operations. My studies and my previous work experience have offered me training and knowledge in managing the workforce of the organization and include “innovation” in many areas. Thus, this is the reason I decided to become an “iSprinter”!
Overall, I expect to be a valuable support resource for the iSprint Team and contribute to overseeing the company’s production processes to create the highest level of efficiency.

Welcome to our unique, collaborative, dynamic, energetic, and innovative team!