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My name is Panagiotis Mavridis and I officially joined the Innovation Sprint team in June 2024 as the Data Science Director. I started my academic journey with a robust foundation in Electrical and Computer Engineering provided by the National Technical University of Athens where I focused on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Biomedical Engineering.

My passion for merging Human and Machine Intelligence took me to France, where I pursued an MSc in Human-Centered Computer Science and researched the Attention model of a Virtual Agent interacting with humans through gestures. Following this, I earned a doctoral degree in Computer and Data Science from the University of Rennes 1, focusing my Ph.D. thesis on “Using Hierarchical Skills for Optimized Task Selection in Crowdsourcing,” which explored innovative methods for task assignment in knowledge-intensive environments.

As a postdoctoral researcher at WIS Team of TU Delft within the CaptureBias project, I investigated capturing bias in news videos through crowdsourcing and machine learning, leveraging human-in-the-loop approaches. Throughout my academic career, I engaged in international collaborations, supervised students, taught courses, and published peer-reviewed articles.

My professional journey has been equally dynamic, with experience in programming, automation and AI developed through industrial projects. I have consulted on Data Science projects, proposed AI architectures, trained junior Data Scientists and implemented the ML layers in various applications.

Joining Innovation Sprint represents a significant milestone in my career. This role allows me to apply my expertise in a cutting-edge environment dedicated to digital healthcare solutions. My primary responsibilities include overseeing data science initiatives, driving innovation through advanced analytics, and contributing to Healthentia’s smart features like the Behavioral Change Framework for patients. This position enhances my technical and managerial skills while refining my strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

I am enthusiastic about the transformative potential of e-health in revolutionizing healthcare. The opportunity to impact patients’ lives through innovative solutions is inspiring and motivating. I look forward to leveraging my skills and experiences to contribute to the evolution of healthcare and to be an integral part of Innovation Sprint’s exciting journey.