Our team is expanding by empowering women to join us, highlighting our commitment to fostering equality!

Welcome to the newest members of our team, Ioanna & Nelina!

We eagerly anticipate getting to know them better!


Ioanna Lekosioti
Ioanna Lekosioti

My name is Ioanna Lekosioti and I joined in October 2023, as an Operations & Quality Manager!

I pursued my undergraduate studies in German Language and Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Following this, I continued my academic journey by obtaining a Master’s degree from the Faculty of German Language and Literature at the same university, specializing in Linguistics.

I dedicated five years of my professional career to teaching German, leveraging my linguistic expertise to impart knowledge. Subsequently, I transitioned into a different field and spent a total of 6.5 years working for an outsourcing company. In the final 2.5 years of my tenure, I assumed the role of Quality Assurance Coordinator within the company’s Quality department, where I played a key role in ensuring and enhancing the overall quality of our operations.

Motivated by the dynamic and contemporary challenges presented in the e-health industry, I’ve made the decision to pursue the position of Operations & Quality Manager at Innovation Sprint. I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to this forward-thinking and innovative environment.

My prior professional experiences equipped me with expertise in quality management, analytical and organizational skills, teamwork, and workforce management. Additionally, I have successfully incorporated innovative approaches across various facets of the organization.

This is why I decided to become an “iSprinter”! I anticipate providing valuable support to the iSprint Team and actively contributing to overseeing the company’s production processes.


Nelina Angelova
Nelina Angelova

My name is Nelina Angelova, and I officially joined the Innovation Sprint team in November 2023, taking on the role of Researcher. With a strong foundation as a Bioinformatician, my academic journey has been marked by active involvement in diverse projects and fulfilling tasks of Hellenic and EU sources.

My transition to Innovation Sprint signifies a pivotal moment in my career, as I shift from traditional research to the realm of applied healthcare solutions. This move allows me to leverage my skills for tangible impacts on patients’ lives. I am particularly enthusiastic about the transformative potential of e-Health in revolutionizing medicine across the board – from preventive measures and awareness to therapeutic interventions.

In my new position, I will play a significant role in European research initiatives, actively contributing to the assimilation of knowledge derived from these projects into the development of novel features for Healthentia. This presents a fantastic opportunity for me to enhance not only my coding and management abilities but also to refine my brainstorming skills. My focus will be on shaping innovative ideas that address both existing and emerging needs within the field.

I am thrilled to contribute to the evolution of healthcare and to be a part of this exciting period of change.