Our company attended the 5th European Conference on Clinical Research, (EUCROF) in Amsterdam, on February 10th-11th.

We got updated on the latest news on pharmaceutical, biotechnology & medical device sectors as well as the regulatory environment with an ultimate aim to improve patients’ health. We also had the chance to demo at our stand on the main exhibition hall, our eClinical Solution, Healthentia.



At the Opening of the Conference, the Chair holded Martine Dehlinger – Kremer, the President of EUCROF, Germany. MDK welcomed all the participants. The topics begun with Fergus Sweeney and Douglas Peddicord straight afterwards. They spoke about Strategic Imperatives for Clinical Research in Europe and Collaborating with the FDA to facilitate innovation, respectively.

The second topic of the day was devoted to Patient Centric Approach and the effective Partnership. Michele Garot, the Managing Director of CLINcellence in Belgium chaired this topic. Audience  took knowledge of:

  • the Steadily Evolving Role of Patient Organisations in Drug Development
  • the Direct to Patient Trials for an Improved Patient Experience and Increased Efficiency for Sites & Sponsors
  • the Direct to Patients Logistics

The programm went on with topics on GCR (R6) addendum:

  • Achieving a Meaningful Oversight of CROs & Subcontractors, a Sponsor Obligation
  • GDPR in Clinical Trials and the Challenges in Implementation
  • New ICH guidance on “Optimisation of Safety Data Collection” and
  • Wishing that Hype becomes reality. Derk Arts, Founder and CEO of the CastorEDC spoke about how AI, Machine readable Data and patient centric technology will shape the future of clinical trials.

First day closed with a meeting at Novotel reception and an enjoyable social event at the Heineken Experience. In this event 3 Professional Organisations celebrated their anniversaries.


Second day began with an interactive working session about GDPR in details.

After that, the programm continued with a topic on eTOOLS and the coexisted oppportunities and challenges. Second topic was on today’s future with all the innovative designs and infrastructures that are available to researchers. The last topic of the day was on Data and their use and role in clinical researches.

Martine Dehlinger – Kremer gave us after the closure of topics, a warm goodbye message with all the wishes and hopes for an innovative plan until next year’s conference.

See you all next year with brand new features of Healthentia!