It was a great honor for us to be included in the list of Top 5 start-up companies in Brussels selected by EuroQuity and for the quality and highlight of innovation!

We participated in an ePitch session on December 19th, on EuroQuity, an online platform where startups build a profile and present their ideas. In quarterly ePitch sessions can be invited to present them and introduce their project to a selection of investment funds and business angels. In the latest ePitch we presented Healthentia, and how we experienced the whole process from idea, development to ultimately its appearance on air.

This is the highlight moment we told them

With no second thought, the most exciting moment for the whole team was when we saw the first patient enrolling on Healthentia for a clinical study. Smiles and pizzas were in order, when our long-awaited first patient enrolled on the platform, wearing the activity tracker, logging in physical activity, setting reminders and answering scheduled questionnaires. Our hard work had paid off, after months of preparation designing the right user experience with patients and investigators focus groups. Our patient engaging app was now in the hands of a patient in a clinical study.

As sprinters running a Marathon, which is in our DNA, we felt like we reached our first long run. There is something special about the first long run; it should be long enough to be challenging, yet still manageable and everything seems new and exciting. Clinical research for us was new and exciting, and not a comfort zone, as we are coming from an eHealth and Digital environment. Similarly, the adoption of digital technologies was not a comfort zone for clinical trials processes. But as people say, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there”. If you want to grow, you need to push the limits and this is what we do, redefining the way of conducting clinical trials, pushing away technology adoption barriers for all the millions of patients waiting for new treatment options.

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In response to the enormous needs of the Coronavirus pandemic, we offer HealthentiaApp to be used as a self-assessment tool and a Covid-19 Symptom tracker. While gathering knowledge about the spread per area, it helps to identify those at risk sooner and slows down the spread.