Our Solution

We offer Healthentia as a data-driven solution enabling large, multi-site enterprises to estimate and understand the potential spreading of COVID19 inside their organization in order to shape their business continuity plans accordingly with:
▪ Covid-19 Self Assessment periodic Questionnaire & Symptom Tracker App
▪ Data monitoring platform


The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak had a major impact on businesses all over the world. Specifically, a great number of businesses worldwide had to either:
▪ suspend their operations
▪ operate at reduced capacity
▪ apply new massive tele-working policies and lock-down plansIn coming months, large enterprises in the finance(e.g., banks with multiple branches), telecommunications(e.g., telcos with multiple sites) and manufacturing(e.g., several plants) sectors must be able to operate under COVID19 restrictions and need to ensure the health and safety of their employees and of their customers.


With an obligation to contribute to the Covid19 pandemic, at Innovation Sprint Sprl as a tech company in the eHealth and Life Sciences sectors, we adapted our product Healthentiato meet the pandemic needs.

Track Record

Since March we aligned efforts with the largest hospital in Italy to deliver a solution to track the health status of their workforce. The solution will be integrated with the HR Enterprise system, to control the employees’ badge to enter the hospital premises.

For Organizations

Assess Employees Status
better understand risk and level of exposure to Covid19 of employeesKeep Employees safe
by estimating and understanding the potential spreading of COVID19 inside your organizationIdentify those at risk sooner
to monitor symptom data based on Location shown on GIS and spreading

For Employers

Self-monitor daily
to monitor the changes in symptoms with scheduled daily questionnairesAssist Colleagues
by sharing health status and their progression, colleagues can support youConnect with your Organization
enable employees to notify their employer of their health status

Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture

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