In today’s blog post we will bring you up to speed on one of our latest R&D projects: BEAMER. The BEAMER project, which started last September, has received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (now known as the Innovative Health Initiative), supported by the IMI 2 Joint Undertaking.

The BEAMER project is all about adherence. It fosters research on the promotion of treatment adherence, enhancement of patient support, and improved outcomes. Specifically, BEAMER stands for BEhavioral and Adherence Model for improving quality, health outcomes, and cost-Effectiveness of healthcaRe.


The project has recently launched its website, where you can find all the information you need on the project in general:

For now, we want to focus on the role of Innovation Sprint in BEAMER. We are very excited for this opportunity to collaborate with key players in the Healthcare industry, including pharma, top research centers, and universities as well as SMEs and large industrial partners. The main contribution of Innovation Sprint in the BEAMER project is to bring in our core technology – Healthentia – our eClinical solution that facilitates clinical trial optimization, accelerating trial processes, reducing failure rate, and validating drug/intervention efficacy and effectiveness with Real-World Data insights.

The first six months of the project have focused on finding common ground in the definition of adherence, and reviewing the state-of-the-art on adherence and actionability. The next step will be to develop, test, and finetune the initial behavioural model, followed by a collection of missing and additional data, form the implementation strategy, and finally validation of the model.

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