Healthentia enters the market of Patient Support Programs 1
Healthentia enters dynamically the market of Patient Support Programs, aiming to transform healthcare from doctor-driven to patient-driven care

Healthentia is a digital platform by Innovation Sprint that facilitates data capture in hybrid clinical trials and enables digital therapeutics as a certified medical device. It does so by offering a smartphone application for patients and a web portal for investigators and healthcare professionals to securely access smart services and insights. Healthentia empowers patients in clinical studies and gives them an active role in taking trial actions, rather than bringing them to the trial sites. Healthentia is used by Top5 Pharma and hospitals and operates under the strict regulatory framework of Good Clinical Practice.

In 2021, Healthentia medical device entered the market of Patient Support Programs (PSP) as a decision support software intended to monitor, detect and predict outcomes, offer virtual coaching services and generate automatic alerts regarding events, based on Real World Data gathered from patients. Healthentia PSPs are offered jointly with healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies and follow co-development, participatory-design, and patient-centric approaches. In 2022 Healthentia is expected to collect evidence that will create clinical claims on its efficacy as a therapeutic device.

What is a Patient Support Program (PSP)?

A PSP provides an integrated approach of remote care with digital services to support patients during medical treatments. Today, digital platforms for remote patient monitoring are the technical infrastructure of PSPs, offering notifications services for therapy, functionalities for booking of hospital visits, questionnaires to be filled in. More advanced solutions enable the capturing of data from wearable and other medical devices, as well as teleconsultation and virtual coaching as a therapy.

How can a digital platform transform healthcare?

If we can better educate patients and enable them to share data between the periodic visits, we can improve their engagement in daily self-management of their health and the interactions with the care team by personalising the care plan, making sure they understand why adherence matters, and providing ways to individually achieve it, patients will increase their understanding of care plan, medication regimen and their engagement with care plan activities and confidence in disease management. By using the PSP app and staying connected with the care team, patients will be able to stay engaged in remotely reporting their clinical metrics, wellbeing, and adherence in-between visits. Finally, by having new remote monitoring data, care plans can be adjusted at the follow-up visits, and situations that require clinical attention can be identified earlier.

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