In response to the enormous needs of the COVID-19 pandemic, Innovation Sprint offers its product Healthentia, an eClinical platform to capture Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePROs), to be used for any case that the Healthcare System deems appropriate. Healthentia solution will be offered at no cost for as long as the pandemic lasts and our team will support its operation.

Healthentia can support the Healthcare system to respond to the requests, while keeping citizens informed and feeling protected, with the following functionalities:

  • Assess citizen’s symptom’s population;
  • Support citizens with minor symptoms or negative diagnosis to continue reporting status;
  • Maintain and monitor positively diagnosed citizens away from hospitals until it is critical, through scheduled questionnaires sent to their smartphones;
  • Push alert messages to citizens from Civil Protection Authorities.

Healthentia app is available in iOS & Android and follows GDPR regulations to protect patients’ privacy. Citizens can download the app to report their status, by answering a simple COVID-19 assessment questionnaire. The local/regional/national operator of Healthentia will be able to collect all data, observe graphs and act upon, while citizens’ questionnaires can be assessed by the system automatically to inform them about the actions to be taken.


For more Information:
Telephone: +32 477 291379