Defining the ICT Strategy for Beyond 2050

978-3-319-42141-4The sector of telecommunications is one of the flagships of engineering from the time that has been invented, as it was enabling communication that is a major need of humans. In the decades of ‘90s and early 2000 the rapid development of telecommunications with the parallel evolution of Internet, have significantly influenced people, communities and growth worldwide. During this time, Internet evolution created lots of opportunities, but many of those were not sound and that led us to the dot-com bubble. At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the Western world experienced a deep recession and so did the sector of telecommunications. On the same time Internet started to recover from the dot-com-bubble period and became the perfect medium for startups . In that period, the evolution of Internet has ‘commoditized’ telecommunications that served mainly as a medium and not as an innovation vehicle. Nowadays there is a stabilization of dynamics in the ICT world and telecommunications sector is seeking its role and position in contribution to disruptive concepts of the New Digital Era . This positioning and role will be the early definition of its strategy Beyond 2050.

Chapter ‘Defining the ICT Strategy for Beyond 2050’; Sofoklis Kyriazakos; Wireless World in 2050 and Beyond: A Window into the Future! (Part of the series Springer Series in Wireless Technology pp 137-147)


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