Our team is proud to announce our association with BeCRO organisation.

BeCRO is a professional non-profit association of Belgian Contract Research Organisations (CROs). They support pharmaceutical, biotechnology & medical devices industries in clinical research and development of new products.

The result of the combined efforts, including BeCRO members, is the availability of new treatments and therapies from which patients can benefit.


Belgian Contract Research Organisations (CROs) represent its members in respect of other stakeholders. Such stakeholders are the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry, the regulatory authorities, the investigational sites and last but not least the patients.

The goal is also to create public awareness of the importance to conducting clinical trials in Belgium.

The BeCRO Board consists of representatives of all members. Representatives election takes place during the annual General Assembly. Board members serve on a voluntary basis. BeCRO’s main objective is to serve the interest of its members either by being a leading voice toward national instances, or through supporting knowledge or experience sharing. Another support is by providing specific added value for the daily operational delivery of its members.

A way to achieve this is via working groups at the national level for Belgian specific matters or for European Matters, by joining forces with working parties well established in EUCROF, the European umbrella of which BeCRO is a member.

Healthentia app

Innovation Sprint and our eClinical Solution, Healthentia, are brand new additions to the BeCRO consortium. Consortium shapes an influential leadership in the Belgian Clinical Research Landscape.

By using the latest industry developments and guidelines for higher efficiency, while maintaining the highest quality standards, our team is willing to demonstrate the applicability of all the new technologies in clinical research, such as IoT data collection, AI-driven processing of RWD and in-silico trials.

Find our BeCRO profile here.