To “revolutionize tailor-made care for complex chronic diseases” is the mission of the RE-SAMPLE project, a 4-year project funded by the EU’s Horizon2020 research programme (Grant Agreement #965315) and that started in March 2021. “RE-SAMPLE will use real-world data (RWD) to monitor COPD symptoms beyond scheduled medical check-ups. Such information will give doctors, caregivers, and patients a unique insight into common, day-to-day triggers that can lead to health complications. The data and analyses will feed into the development of personalised treatment and a virtual companionship programme.”


In the RE-SAMPLE project, Innovation Sprint is responsible for delivering the three interfaces that compose the Virtual Companionship Programme, building on our eClinical solution Healthentia.

Clinical Pathway

First, a Virtual Companion App is being developed to support patients in self-managing their COPD and comorbidities. This mobile application allows monitoring and coaching. Through integration with commercially available fitness trackers, patients monitor relevant lifestyle and physiological parameters such as physical activity, sleep, and heart rate. Furthermore, the app supports patients in keeping track of their symptoms by daily self-reporting. If relevant deviations from normality are detected, the application triggers disease-specific questionnaires to uncover the reasons and consequences of such symptom deterioration. In these situations, the patient might be advised to visit one of the shared-care facilities for extra control. The second aim of the app is to provide personalized coaching to support patients in self-managing their condition.

The second component is the platform for shared-care facilities. These will be located in community sites adapted to the reality of each one of the pilot sites located in the Netherlands, Italy, and Estonia. Here, the patients will be able to perform further health-related tests that will help patients and professionals understand the course of the health condition.

The third and final component is the active support programme for healthcare professionals. This platform will provide professionals with the information collected with the app and facilitate shared-decision making.

Furthermore, Innovation Sprint leads the Innovation Management activities and has a key role in the exploitation plans of the RE-SAMPLE platform.

The first four months of the project have been dedicated to the preparation of an observational study that will set the foundation for the Virtual Companionship Programme. To facilitate this study, we have optimized the multilingual support of the Healthentia application and its web portal. The coaching functionality of the mobile app, as well as the platform for shared-care facilities and web portal for professionals, will be developed in the second and third years of the project.

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