Healthentia, an e-Clinical platform by Innovation Sprint, facilitates the complete patient data cycle, including collecting, managing, understanding, and visualizing patients’ Real-World Data. Healthentia specializes in behavioral data collected from the everyday setting of chronic patients, who spend their journey mostly at home, away from healthcare organizations.


In detail Healthentia offers:

Data capture:
The Healthentia mobile app serves as a companion to the patient, facilitating objective data collection from devices but also subjective self-assessments via questionnaires. The Healthentia portal app facilitates study management, allowing healthcare professionals to define the data attributes to be collected from their patients.

Data management:
The Healthentia big data platform stores and regulates role-based access to data. Also, it facilitates data ingestion from 3rd parties, especially hospital information systems that are providing clinical data. We maintain the Data in two repositories. The Healthentia data warehouse is an Azure SQL server providing applications with access to structured data. The Healthentia data lake is an Azure cloud storage (Gen. 2), providing access to anonymized data to the Healthentia model learning services and to testbeds for affiliated 3rd party data scientists to experiment with.

Data processing & understanding:
The Healthentia smart services comprise of model learning, model inference, synthetic data generation, virtual coaching, and clinical pathway modeling services. They all operate on patient data to understand the patient context and give higher-level information to the healthcare professionals and deliver digital therapies to the patients. The model learning and inference services come in two versions: The platform versions work on Healthentia data, while the edge versions are installed in the premises of the healthcare organizations, to facilitate smart services when data cannot be ingested by a system not part of the hospital information system.

Data analytics:
Data and higher-order knowledge is visualized mainly at the Healthentia portal app, where healthcare professionals gain an understanding of the study cohort as a whole and its individual patients. Personal visualizations are also provided by the Healthentia mobile app to the patients.
Healthentia is a class I medical device, currently under evaluation for class IIa, used by large pharma and healthcare organizations across Europe. Innovation Sprint is the 2022 winner of the Disruptive Health category of the Innovation Radar Prize.