In Coadapt but as in other EU projects we aim to develop smart, person-centred and technology-powered solutions to support health and wellbeing and thus workability and productivity of ageing people in working environments. It is therefore important to mention that in the COADAPT project developed synergies with other EU related Projects and initiatives that resulted in two reports: 

  • a response to the Green Paper on Ageing coordinated by SmartWork Project. The response welcomes the initiative to mainstream the topic of ageing in the EU policies and calls for better recognition of the potential and the role of new technologies in keeping the older people at work and in good health. New technologies relate here to the digital solutions and include the AI-based tools. 
  • a concerted paper on the role of AI technologies in working through COVID-19 coordinated by SmartWork Project. The paper elaborates on the role and contribution of digital solutions and systems to the COVID-19 implications in various work environments.