Contrasting dipoles seem to have emerged since 2020: achievements in healthcare vs impact from the pandemic, digital transformation vs poverty and inequalities, prosperity vs financial uncertainty and energy crisis, democratization vs war.

At Innovation Sprint, we are inspired by the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (UN) and we see that through these goals many of the below challenges can be met with pragmatic and efficient solutions in the future if we all do steps to improve ourselves and ameliorate our commitment. That is the least we can do to pay our debt to society and to contribute to its development and progress.

Therefore, we have taken some time to reflect on how we, as an organization and through our product, contribute to the sustainable development goals of the UN.

Out of the goals defined by the UN we strongly believe that we address the following:

Healthentia contributes to the acceleration of clinical studies and provides rich data that can help operators in the healthcare sector to provide more precise and personalized care to patients and to the pharma industry to optimize the drug development process of drugs, especially at the clinical validation phase.

At the same time, Healthentia as a medical device can enable and deliver digital therapeutics in a supervised and regulatory-proof environment whilst, at the same time collecting evidence to support digital clinical pathways as a tool to impact clinical outcome positively.


Innovation Sprint supports lifelong learning, by encouraging team members to continuous self- and professional development. The training and educational activities cover topics relevant to the line of business, as well as personal development. Inspiring talks are also part of the quality education program of the company.



Our company is committed to encouraging gender equality among the workforce and eliminating discrimination. Candidates are chosen irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. In addition, the gender dimension is integrated into the research activities of the companies creating equal opportunities for training, development, leadership, decision-making, and progress. Decisions concerning staff are based on merit.


We are a digital biotech startup trying our best to offer a collaborative environment for our team, involving offices in 3 countries that are selected and designed to support the demanding needs for inspiration and agile working. At the same time, the management policies embrace the life-in-balanced paradigm and encourage the team to do so. As far as economic growth is concerned, this is achieved annually and we are looking forward to seeing this scaling into a blitz-scaling.


We use the best breed of Internet technologies, cloud computing, and AI/ML. We are challenging the status quo of clinical research, MedTech and DTx, by active participation in standardization bodies and fora, as evangelists of new technologies and digital transformation in an industry that used to be moving slowly.



Through our solution Healthentia, we support clinical research studies to recruit people for hybrid clinical studies and reduce inequalities by making the study available, for example, to participants at remote locations. At the same time, as a company, we provide equality, fairness, and respect for all in our employment and avoid all forms of discrimination. In addition, we encourage equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and create a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimization, and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, while promoting work-life balance and organizational culture.


We are driven by the potential of the Internet of Everything, the AI of Everything, the ubiquitous IoT, the smart devices, and the wearables that capture lifestyle information and can be used as a basis to improve health and to create sustainable communities.




Our product Healthentia allows patients to minimize (or even eliminate) the need for visits to hospitals and physicians. Furthermore, the paperless approach of clinical studies and digital therapies contributes to lowering the carbon footprint.




We contribute to the strengthening of hospitals and healthcare organizations with solid infrastructures and best practices of data processing management for the benefit of the patients and the healthcare system. Our AI-based product Healthentia can drive broad access to personalized intelligent eHealth services.



Innovation Sprint is grown through its partnerships in collaborative research activities and other initiatives of the public and private sector. As far as technology is concerned, our activities are in line with the safe, ethical, and beneficial development of AI.




We are proud for addressing all the above UN sustainability goals, however, we realize that we contribute to 10 out of 17. This makes us eager to find ways to address more of the UN priorities that can make the world a better place.