Actionable Health 360 is a product of Innovation Sprint, a dynamic consulting company strong and complementary expertise that combine excellence in Health, Big Data, ICT and consulting. We are focused on leveraging and demonstrating health data, promising new approaches to clinical analysis and predictive analytics based on top-of-the-line technology based on R programming language; the most important tool for computational statistics, visualization and data science

“Our vision is to work across Healthcare channels and solutions and create a Data Driven Healthcare Future that will help all parties to use the right solution for their needs”


for Health organizations

  • Clinical pathways evaluation
  • Reducing Queues and bottlenecks
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Provision of personalized healthcare

for Patients

  • Faster recovery, depending on day/time of hospitalization, doctor in charge
  • Patients sentiment after/during the hospitalization
  • Predict the pattern of re-hospitalization based on health problem, demographics, location, insurance company, doctor in charge, treatment


  • ActionableHealth360 is a service toolkit product that supports health organizations to become data-driven and make an actionable transform by leveraging and demonstrating Big Data Analytics derived from health organizations and patients.


  • The main goals of ActionableHealth360 are to address the challenges of National Health Systems, to improve the effectiveness and quality of our healthcare, to reduce costs by optimizing processes and to provide actionable Big Data analytics for efficient decision making.


  • ActionableHealth360 is a product of Innovation Sprint Sprl and is created by professionals in the fields of eHealth, big data management, statistical evaluation, predictive analytics and medical experts.


  • The service toolkit of ActionableHealth360 consists of streamlined methodologies and process for data management and statistical analysis customized to the needs of your organization. The services are offered by senior consultants with vast experience in the field.





Strategy definition

Data sources indentification

Analysis & Process definition

Data management & Datawarehouse deployment

Health Big Data Analytics

Step 1: Strategy definition

  • What is the stage of health analytics capacity in your organization?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What is the right path and what does it take to go there?
  • Set of short-/medium-/long-term goals
  • Return-on-Investment analysis

Step 2: Data sources definition

  • Structured and unstructured data (EMR, diagnosis, prescriptions, images, etc)
  • Combination and fusion of data
  • Seek for new sources

Step 3: Analysis and Process Definition

  • Interviews with all stakeholders for requirements elicitation
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators and metrics
  • Design new process for data collection

Step 4: Data Management & Datawarehouse deployment

  • Data enrichment
  • Normalization of data
  • Data aggregation and development of database mediator
  • Deployment of data warehouse

Step 5: Health Big Data Analytics

  • Statistical analysis & Data Visualization / advanced Reporting
  • Decisions making based on data mining
  • Maintenance of Big Data’s lifecycle
  • Proposals for uses of devices/ apps/ 3D printing / telehealth services 

Statistical evaluation samples